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Shows at Rio Las Vegas

This month's shows at Rio includes Chippendales, Comedy Cellar to name a couple. Rio shows are some of the most entertaining and best value performances in Las Vegas, so enjoy! Don't forget, cheap tickets for shows at Rio are available below.

Rio Shows

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Let us be the first to tell you that the men of Chippendales are definitely not your average guys. Tan bodies, perfect smiles and abs that could double as washing boards, this male revue is one that you will want to see for yourself. While standing on stage wearing the signature Chippendales' costume - a bow tie, wrist cuffs and jeans, the men fulfill just about every female fantasy, but they do a lot more than just look pretty. These men can dance and they demonstrate their aptitude in pelvic thrusting and hip shaking to the screams of women in the audience cheering for more. Every member of the sexy cast is good looking and varied enough in appearance to suit all tastes, tall, blonde, dark and lean, rough and tough, and strong and mean, this show has it all. The uninterrupted flow of gorgeous performers entering and leaving the stage becomes a collage of fantasies. Ladies, brace yourselves because you have a few opportunities to get your hands on these cocoa-butter-basted babes. Throughout the show they walk into the audience to dance and flirt with women in the crowd. When it comes to having fun for a girls' night out, bachelorette party or other special occasion, Chippendales is the epitome of every female fantasy. Afterwards, you can continue your night of male indulgence in Flirt Lounge located next to the showroom. The performers invite everyone to join them there for some fun after the show.
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Comedy Cellar

From Amy Schumer to Chris Rock, the critically acclaimed Comedy Cellar from NYC is the hot spot when it comes to comedy gold. Now, it's coming to Vegas to give us a piece of the action. Comedy Cellar is coming to the West Coast after 36 years of success in New York City. If you think about it, that's enough laughs over the years to get everyone in the world through those dreadful Mondays and home to a glass of wine. Every night, five comedians will stand-up on stage and do what they do best, make the whole crowd laugh. Dave Chappelle, Ray Romano, and even Jon Stewart got their start here, and look where they ended up. All with their own shows. And if all those legends came from the same place, you never know which big rising comedian is going to come out of this cellar in Las Vegas. Comedians are like a fine wine, give them time and they'll be the best thing you've had all year. The Comedy Cellar is ready to get Vegas drunk on laughs.
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Raiding the Rock Vault

These are NOT basement guitarists and karaoke wannabees who stumbled out of the garage and onto the stage to play half-decent covers. The cast of Raiding the Rock Vault plays the standards like only real rockers can, because they are real rockers. You know how your college roommate could barely squeak out the oooooh-oh! in the first half of Livin' on a Prayer and then his voice cracked? There's absolutely no risk of that at Raiding the Rock Vault.These killer tribute performers belt it out like the professionals they are -- with power and guts. While a group of Guitar Gods lead the audience through three decades of hits: Hendrix, Zeppelin, Queen, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Van Halen, and everything in between. And two extremely talented female vocalists round out the performance. These killer performerseven played in legendary bands like Heart, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Dio, Survivor, Slaughter, and more! So there's no doubt that they know exactly what they're doing: playing the greatest music from the greatest eras in American history, and reminding the fans who grew up to those sounds, that real music never dies. Rock out to Raiding the Rock Vault in Vegas.
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The Chi-Lites featuring Marshall Thompson

International R&B superstar band, The Chi-Lites are bringing their smooth, Chicago-style sound to the Rio for a night of hits. With eleven top ten singles on the R&B charts from 1969-1974, the Chi-Lites quartet have proven themselves as masters of the genre, even being sampled by other superstars like in Beyonce's song Crazy in Love and on Jay-Z's Black Album. Check out these R&B Hall of Famers when they hit the Duomo stage at the Rio.
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The Docksiders

Get ready to transport back to the era of brightly colored bikinis, mullets, and popped collared polos because the soft sounds of yacht rock from the 70s and 80s are coming to the Rio when The Docksiders make port in the Duomo Theater. This unique rock tribute band led by 3-time Grammy nominee Kevin Sucher will have you swaying to the smooth sounds of Hall & Oates, Christopher Cross, Olivia Newton-John, and many more, backed up by plenty of fun costume changes and production elements that'll get you in the yacht-cruisin' mood. We can almost feel that warm Atlantic breeze. Get your tickets today!
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WOW‚ The Vegas Spectacular

Prepared to be wowed at the show "WOW - The Vegas Spectacular" (yes, sometimes we resort to puns when absolutely necessary). The production "WOW - The Vegas Spectacular" is ready to ignite the glitter cannons and land in the only place it belongs, the Entertainment Capital of the World. The production pulls out all the stops by featuring acrobatics, 3D-multi-media projections, great theatrical lighting and even one of the coolest water stages you've ever seen (wink, wink). They're not holding back, and why should they? It's Vegas, baby and we're the city that loves to entertain. To make the deal even sweeter than that warm apple pie your Aunt Agnes makes every Thanksgiving, the Rio transformed the showroom to be more immersive with the audience. So you'll be right up against the stage to see the stunts up-close-and-personal when the cast comes out to show off their moves. Your heart will stop every time you see them fly into the air and stick flawless landings. So, to make sure your jaw isn't stuck to the floor after this 90-minute production, we'll be sure to hand out mouth-closing contraptions before the show. We're just trying to look out for your best interest.
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Penn & Teller

There are some basic rules of magic. Never tell your audience how a trick is done, don't show the audience how you prep for a trick, and never, ever perform the classic cups and balls trick with transparent cups. Well, Penn and Teller manage to break all of these rules and more in their show at the Rio Hotel and Casino and it's perfection. Just like every amazing duo, Penn and Teller have their strengths and weaknesses and combined, they create the perfect storm of comedy, magic and entertainment. The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while Teller handles much of the show's action, all without saying a single word. While there are some elements of classic magic and sleight of hand in the show, most of the tricks are incredibly creative, innovative, and sometimes bordering on the macabre. The fun of this show is that the duo lets the audience in on some of the tricks, but others are meant to completely mystify the crowd and it works. Comedic, mind-bending, and totally entertaining, Penn & Teller is a classic Vegas show that is a vacation rite of passage.
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