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Shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

This month's shows at Planet Hollywood includes A Musical About Star Wars, Jeff Dunham: SERIOUSLY?! to name a couple. Planet Hollywood shows are some of the most entertaining and best value performances in Las Vegas, so enjoy! Don't forget, cheap tickets for shows at Planet Hollywood are available below.

Planet Hollywood Shows

If you're looking for a list of the best shows in Las Vegas or the best Cirque du Soleil Shows in Vegas check it out!

A Musical About Star Wars

Remember the hilariously low-budget fan films that used to be all over the internet? Well, A Musical About Star Wars is about two Bill and Ted-Esque buddies trying to do just that. This production isn't a Star Wars parody or a Star Wars musical, it's a musical ABOUT Star Wars, and it's freaking hilarious! This show-within-a-show at Planet Hollywood features low-budget costumes, cardboard backdrops, and plenty of references to one of the most influential film franchises in pop culture history. This show doesn't just celebrate Star Wars, it touches on every aspect of nerd culture like cosplay, conventions, fan-fiction, and even the ongoing feud between Star Wars and Star Trek to decide who reigns supreme. Contemporary, smart-witted, and irreverent, A Musical About Star Wars brings a galaxy far, far away to the Las Vegas Strip in an unexpected and hilarious new way!
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Jeff Dunham: SERIOUSLY?!

If you have a puppet fetish...we mean obsession, and a knack for stand-up comedy, Jeff Dunham atthe Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood is the perfect way to burn a few calories from laughing. His ruthless opinions and mind bending conversations with his puppets will have you repeating his jokes to your friends all week. Dunham may have been the only human on the stage when he began his career at the ripe old age of 8 years young, but the lifelike company of his puppets has proven to Dunham's worldwide audience that the comedian has actually never been alone. We all have imaginary friends that last forever, right? He has a trophy case of awards like two-time Ventriloquist of the Year, TNN Music City News Country Awards' Comedian of the Year and 2008 top comic in Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown.Needless to say, he's built up his street cred as a famed funnyman. Sock puppet hands are welcomed, but not necessary, for this hilariously awesome show at Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood. Jeff Dunham, you are our puppet hero. Cheap tickets are available today.
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LA Comedy Club

The theme song from the beloved '80s and early '90s TV sitcom Cheers could easily be used for the L.A. Comedy Club. Not only is it a place where you can take a break from all your worries, but the staff here soon will know your name -- if they don't already. A large percentage of the L.A. Comedy Club's patrons are locals who have been following the franchise since it was launched several years ago at Palace Station. After a stint in Trader Vic's at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, it moved to downtown's Four Queens, then to Bally's Las Vegas and now is at The STRAT. Inside the venue you'll find the hallmarks of a typical comedy club. A mic and wooden stool are front and center on a large stage that is flanked by two video screens. Clips of practical jokes and bloopers are broadcast to patrons before the show begins. There's a variety of seating options (chairs, tables and booths) -- and no matter where you sit, you'll have a good view. The format at the L.A. Comedy Club is simple. The bulk of the stage time is given to the The Happy Hour Variety Show starring Julio Gonzalez. Many of the headliners like Felipe Esparza have competed on NBC's reality laugh fest Last Comic Standing, while others including Willie Ferrell, Tom Rhodes, Joey Medina, Butch Bradley and Shang have Showtime, HBO or Comedy Central credits to their name. These headlining comedians are paired with a host from Las Vegas, which is another unique feature of the L.A. Comedy Club. Not only does it offer a top-notch venue for professional comics, but local talent is also nurtured and promoted. Occasionally, a surprise guest or famous friend of a headliner stops by and performs to the delight of customers as well. Be sure to get your dose of laughs during your Vegas vacation.
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Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Some of the best comics in the business are performing nightly at the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Along with the show's resident headliner, Edwin San Juan, the comedians included in the line up hail from some of the best comedy markets in the country, including Chicago, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The comics have performed on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central specials. No matter who is performing on any given night, the intimate setting of the V Theater makes all audience members feel included in the show regardless of where you're sitting. Come for a few drinks and a lot of laughs as the production's array of talented comedians stir up plenty of laughs.
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Miranda Lambert Velvet Rodeo

The Queen of Modern Country is taking over Las Vegas with her brand new residency, Velvet Rodeo, at the Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood. This new show offers guests the chance to experience her massive collection of hits, including her newest album Palomino. Miranda Lambert is the most decorated artist in country music, having earned 37 ACM Awards, 14 CMA Awards, three GRAMMY Awards, the Nashville Symphony Harmony Award, ACM Gene Weed Milestone Award, and ACM Song of the Decade Award. She was also named 2019's RIAA Artist of the Year and is the youngest artist in history to serve as the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum's Artist in Residence. Don't miss the specially created residency Miranda Lambert - Velvet Rodeo at the Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood, and get your tickets today!
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NEWSical The Musical

This constantly-updated musical is a hilarious power hour of original sketches, songs, and parodies that mock everything and anything that's been in the headlines recently. Just like how the hit show SNL covers everything from the latest pop culture fiascos to political dramas, this show hits on the same topics with an extra splash of Sin City updates in the mix. As the fifth-longest running Off-Broadway show, NEWSical The Musical is a must-see to get the hilarious inside scoop.
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Piano Man

He'll sing us a song because he's the Piano Man! Kyle Martin is coming to the V3 Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and he's bringing his hit Billy Joel/Elton John tribute show that will have you singing along to your favorite songs by these two rock superstars. Kyle Martin starred in Billy Joel's smash Broadway hit Movin' Out and has performed all over the United States as the lead singer of the award-winning Billy Joel tribute band JOEL. This Piano Man tribute show is filled with fantastic dancers, killer tunes, and plenty of high-energy fun, so grab your tickets today!
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Stripper 101

Earn your pole dancing credit at Stripper 101--a women's only class at Planet Hollywood that teaches students the tricks of the pole dancing trade all in the name of good fun. If you're a bitapprehensive before heading to the Stripper 101 studio at Planet Hollywood, not to worry. Just wear something comfortablethat makes you feel sexy, bring along high heels, unless you don't mind standing on your tip-toes, and leave your hang-ups at home. Everyone there had a different body shape, andwere in different stages of their lives. One woman brought her grandmother! Most of the women were attending in groups -- some celebrating a birthday, others an upcoming wedding. Before heading into the stripper dance studio, we would-be strippers met in the adjoining bar to tilt back a shot (or two). Because this isn't a true class (none of us were planning on dancing for tips later that night), loosening up and having fun is encouraged. During the class, stripper apprenticesare guided through an entire lap dance routine, step-by-step, by a working stripper. If you've ever been to a strip club (yep), the tips were true to what you'd experience there. When dancing for your man, don't allow him to touch you. You are in control. Sway your hips and swing your hair. Flaunt your best (ass)ets. And if your man is of the generous sort, encourage him to stick a bill or two in your bra (assuming you're still wearing it). From the lap dance, you start on the stripper pole and exercise your skills.Instructors arepatient and show us just how to gain momentum on the pole. The class teaches you enough to spice up your love life with a very lucky man.
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THE JETS 80s & 90s Experience!

We can all agree that the 's and 's were good times, and if you don't agree, maybe we should revisit your aptitude for identifying good music. THE JETS, Grammy-nominated group and family band, is taking us back in time with hits like "Crush on You," "You Got It All" and "Make it Real." And the best part is, this concert is fun for the whole family. Part of the legendary Minneapolis Sound, THE JETS joined the likes of Prince, Janet Jackson and Sheila E., pumping out eight top10 hits and three platinum albums. Their 1988 song Rocket 2 U was nominated for a Grammy. Now, let's relive your permed hairand acid-wash jeans. Get ready to jam out with the original members of THE JETS - Rudy, Haini and LeRoy, inside the V Theatre Upstairs Showroom at Planet Hollywood!
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The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge has one of the most unique acts on the Strip as well as one of the most unique job titles: Mentalist. As a mentalist, McCambridge reads the minds of random audience members and predicts the outcome of random situations during the performance. The entire show is also laced with comedy and plenty of audience interaction, making each performance a different experience. For the past 20 years, celebrities have flown McCambridge, also known as the Mentalist to the Stars, around the world to entertain at Hollywood parties. He has performed for such names as Donald Trump, Courteney Cox, Howard Stern, Lisa Kudrow, Tim Burton, Dennis Miller, David Spade, Carrie Fisher and many more. In 2004 McCambridge had his first one-hour network prime-time television special on NBC. Millions more around the world have seen the special in countries such as Canada, Africa, Australia, Korea, the Middle East, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2004, McCambridge also took his one-man mind reading show to New York City. His off-Broadway show was a critically-praised hit.
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V The Ultimate Variety Show

We're about as indecisive as anyone else on this planet. Like come on, how can you make a decision on which show to see when there are a bazillion of them in Las Vegas? We ask ourselves every time, are we feeling loveydoveyor do we want to go to that rock metal concert down the street? Luckily, we found the solution to all our indecisive problems. V -- The Ultimate Variety show gives you every entertainment element packed into one, like a buffet of talent, if you will. And in the true spirit of variety, the production swaps out different performers each night. Talking about the mystery of it all gives us that feeling of truly living on the edge. But if you're more of a person that needs to be in the know, we'll give you the deets. There's the Skating Aratas, a husband and wife duo that pull out the death-defying stunts to get your blood pumping. And then there's a former rhythmic gymnastics Olympian, Yeroffyeva which will have you in awe with the beauty of her moves. Or maybe The Crazy Gauchos will come out with a drum routine you'll fall in love with. It doesn't matter which acts come out from behind the curtain, all of them have great talent you can't help but get googly eyed over all of them. Problem solved indecisive people, this is the Las Vegas show you need to see.
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An Old Fashioned, some red lipstick and a black dress...sigh, there's just something undeniable about a good ol' classic. The beloved Vegas showgirl may be an endangered species these days (insert tear), but "VEGAS! THE SHOW" preserved those feather-clad beauties and the likes of an era when everything was flashier and dripping with sophistication. What's that you ask? Can a show filled with gorgeous and talented women a la Rat Pack era really exist in the here and now? Oh yes my friend, it sure can and all we have to say is raise that curtain and let the good times roll. With a little song, a lot of dance and that certain sultry allure that only old timey Vegas could pull off, this is a trip down memory lane and, well, it's pretty legit. The costumes are fun, funky, sexy and so real. Ok, well maybe not the candy-themed costumes but hell, their Sammy Davis JR. sure had us pining for an autograph. For a city that was built on pure, raw talent and obviously dolla dolla bills, this show celebrates iconic moments from the city's rich entertainment history through the decades that made the Vegas we know and love today. And we'll tip our top hats to that.
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Zombie Burlesque

Have you ever had that awkward moment where one person in your group wants to see a zombie show and the other wants to see a burlesque show? Thankfully, Zombie Burlesque is available to end the debate. Admittedly a delicate balance, Zombie Burlesque manages to satisfy those who come for the antics of the undead and the booty twerking, alike. More than just a mindless strip show though (pun intended), Zombie Burlesque is, plain-and-simply, a good time. Because we're all 15 years-old at heart, jokes about flesh eating and fornicating will obviously never get old, but the dancing, singing, body bending and aerial routines will have your jaw dropping in amazement. Shock, awe and overall awesomeness aside, the show's element of improvisation means that no two shows are ever the exact same, which is about as fresh as a recently murdered --err-, maybe we shouldn't go down that road. Zombie fans, burlesque lovers, comedy fanatics, this show has something for everyone. Now if only it was this easy to get everyone to agree on dinner.
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Comedy Pet Theater

This show has gone to the dogs -- and cats. Featuring everyday pets doing extraordinary things, Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater is the cutest show on the Las Vegas Strip. You'll see dogs, cats, doves and other animals act out scenarios like passengers waiting to board a train, students in a classroom and patients waiting to be seen by a doctor. Of course the passengers, students and patients are played by Popovich's more than 30 pets. As the creator, he's the main star of the show. However, his cuddly cast members can't help but steal the spotlight. The show also features circus acts like juggling, gymnastics and a jump rope routine. Some of the acts are performed by Popovich, while others showcase the talents of his featured artists. One of them is his daughter Anastasie. She dances, twirls a baton and leads a group of adorable dachshunds in a routine. She directs the dogs with ease, a talent she must have inherited from her father. A fifth-generation circus performer, Russian-born Popovich developed his skills at the Moscow Circus School. His talents earned him a spot touring with the Moscow Circus. He has performed throughout Europe, Japan and America in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and at the Circus Circus in Las Vegas. In the show he juggles pins and small hoops and even balances on a free-standing ladder. Hailing from a family of circus performers, Popovich also learned how to create strong bonds with animals and how to train them. All of the animals in the show were rescued from shelters around the country and transformed into stars on the Strip. In 2009, Popovich released his first book, "You CAN Train Your Cat."
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With over two decades in the magic game, Criss Angel has made his mark as a master magician. And now, you can experience more than 50 of his most iconic illusions along with a few never-before-seen tricks with this captivating experience that's anything but ordinary. MINDFREAK will overload your senses with Criss Angel's visionary magic and a state-of-the-art theater. His cutting-edge performance space includes sophisticated lighting, video, pyro, and sound technologies that create the ultimate immersive magical experience that offers plenty of audience interaction. This 90-minute show is a must-see that features many fan-favorite illusions from his legendary TV show performed live for the first time on stage. He was awarded the "Greatest Illusion of All Time" by Vanish Magazine in 2019 for his 'flying' levitation trick that you can only behold in this show. So snag your ticket and get ready to have your mind freaked.
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Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Treat yourself to an afternoon of head-scratching illusions, beautiful showgirls, and laugh-out-loud comedy at Nathan Burton Comedy Magic that has been captivating audiences on the Las Vegas Strip since 2001. Burton has had multiple television features, including NBC's "The World's Wildest Magic" and "World's Greatest Magic 3," as well as E! Entertainment's "The Entertainer." He also created his own special, "The Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge," where he spent seven nights inside a sealed box with seven showgirls. Burton has also made appearances on "America's Got Talent," "Cupcake Wars," "Coming Home," and Penn & Teller's "Fool Us." Burton's casual and comical style, along with his string of impressive illusions that range from large, complicated tricks to intimate close-up magic, create a fun and exhilarating afternoon show that the whole family can enjoy.
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