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Shows at Paris Las Vegas

This month's shows at Paris includes Bat Out of Hell The Musical, Late Night Magic to name a couple. Paris shows are some of the most entertaining and best value performances in Las Vegas, so enjoy! Don't forget, cheap tickets for shows at Paris are available below.

Paris Shows

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Bat Out of Hell The Musical

The award-winning musical Bat Out of Hell is a rock-and-roll adventure that features the hit songs of Meatloaf to tell the tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks. This Rocky-Horror, Romeo-and-Juliet follows Raven as she falls in love with the rebellious Strat, where they'll find love at all costs as the city around teeters on the brink of disaster. The music used for this soundtrack is all from Meatloaf's album, Bat Out of Hell, which sold 60 million copies and is still one of the best-selling albums in music history. Don't miss this high-energy story of rebellious youth and passionate love in the Paris Las Vegas. Get your tickets now!
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Late Night Magic

If you're looking for an adults-only escape into the darker side of enchantment, Late Night Magic is the ultimate night on the town. Your host for this evening of entertainment is the brilliant illusionist Douglas Lefty Leferovich, and the show features a rotating roster of distinguished magicians. A few of these well-known conjurers that you can expect are: First, we have the lovely hypnotist Annarose, a staple at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Next on the roster is the hilarious optical illusionist Bizzaro, who has performed on the Masters of Illusion show and frequents the illustrious Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Another regular at the Magic Castle, the silky smooth sleight-of-hander MonDre has won multiple awards during his career, including being the only African American to win the Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo. Lastly, we have the macabre John Shaw who's specialty is the infernal sideshow arts. He also performs inside the Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. Late Night Magic performs on Friday and Saturday nights at 11:00 p.m. So book your tickets today for an evening of sexy, mesmerizing thrills.
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