Le Reve Splash Zone Seats

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Le Reve Splash Zone Seats

Le Reve Splash Zone seats--also known as Poolside Seating--are those located closest to the Aqua Stage, more precisely rows A - C, and offer the closest view of the Le Reve performance possible.

Splash Zone or Poolside seats are normally the least expensive at Le Reve for a few reasons:

  • Since they're closest to the Aqua Stage those sitting in this zone may get a splash or two during the show
  • Due to their proximity to stage one will be looking slighly upward to view the show and for some that can be a strain on the neck--for some, not all.

So that's the bad news, the good news is the view is AWESOME! There are those that insist that the idea seating are for Le Reve is not the Splash Zone but rather Dream seating. Yes, with plush theater seating and private tv monitors of the show, Dream seating is quite an amazing experience, but it is located at the back of the threater, the furthest zone from the Aqua Stage, where as Poolside/Splashzone seats are right up front.

The Splash Zone: To Get Soaked or Not

Do a search and you'll find differing opinions on the Splash Zone. Some will say people sitting there got soaked during the Le Reve performance they saw, others will say they didn't see much water splashing out of the Aqua Stage. I've seen Le Reve twice and my personal experience was that I didn't see any soaking taking place. I did see water spilling out of the pool, but I didn't notice anyone getting splashed during the show nor did I notice anyone walking out of the show soaked, or even slightly wet for that matter.

An Overview of Le Reve Seating Zones

There are seven types of seats at the Wynn theater where Le Reve performs each with pros and cons and they're listed in descending order of price below:

  • Poolside Seating: You'll have an up-close view of stage but risk getting a splash. Best entry level seats.
  • Poolside Aisle Seats: This seat is identical to Poolside Seating but will include aisle seating for easy access in and out of your seat.
  • Golden Circle: Golden Circle seating is located just above Poolside seating and provides a slighly better view of the Le Reve Aqua Stage.
  • Golden Circle Aisle: This ticket is the same as Golden Circle but will include aisle seating.
  • Grandview: This ticket provides a fabulous panoramic view of the stage.
  • Grandview Aisle: Same a Grandivew but this ticket will include aisle seating.
  • Dream Seating: Best view of the Aqua Stage. Features over-sized, plush VIP theater seating & private television monitors showing live backstage and underwater video during the show.
Le Reve Seating Chart

Le Reve Splash Zone Seats Details

Location: Wynn hotel
Best for Ages: 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Fri - Tue
Show Length: 75 minutes