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Carpenters Legacy Discount Tickets

Updated March 27, 2023 Carpenters Legacy, is a show that performs at Alexis Park hotel Las Vegas. It's a pretty popular performance so you won't want to miss it. If you're keen to see Carpenters Legacy you'll certainly want to save a little cash on Carpenters Legacy right? Great! We've called, searched, faxed (just kidding about the faxing!) in order to find Carpenters Legacy, coupons, promo codes, deals...anything that'll save some of your hard earned money--buy Carpenters Legacy Discount Tickets only!

Carpenters Legacy Tickets

Carpenters Legacy tickets range in price and the best place to buy Carpenters Legacy tickets is where you'll get good ticket prices and low service fees. Check out the latest discount ticket prices below:

1. Carpenters Legacy Discount Tickets from $42.95 at Vegas.com

Carpenters Legacy

This deal at Vegas.com means you save with Carpenters Legacy show tickets at rock bottom prices! Last minute tickets are available. What is Vegas.com you ask? They're the big man on campus for all things Las Vegas and have been on the Sin City scene for decades. If you know know of them, you will once you arrive in Vegas which means they're trustworthy.
Vegas.com from $42.95

2. $49.39 Carpenters Legacy Tickets at Ticketliquidator

TicketLiquidator is serious about cheap tickets because they pump out ticket discounts for Carpenters Legacy regularly! They've got millions of discount tickets for thousands of events. They're like a one-stop shop for finding tickets to the hottest shows, the gotta-see games, and the events that everyone's talking about. Check them out. You never know if you'll find a killer Vegas show ticket deal.
TicketLiquidator from $49.39

3. Carpenters Legacy Ticket Discounts for $39.95 at Viator

Viator is an online giant owned by TripAdvisor so you know they've got major sway and can offer discount tickets to Carpenters Legacy! Frankly, Viator ticket pricing was underwhelming in the past but lately they've really stepped up their Vegas discount tickets game. Give Viator a try, at times they're deals are hard to beat Viator show tickets prices...but you never know.
Viator from $39.95

4. Carpenters Legacy Ticket Discounts at Groupon for $46.8155

If you know Groupon you know it's a huge website with a reputation for offering super cheap stuff, including some really great deals on Las Vegas shows and concerts and, yes, a Carpenters Legacy Groupon deal is currently available for $46.8155 per ticket. Is that a darn good price? Judge for yourself but do know that with Groupon your Las Vegas shows ticket becomes available on your mobile device instanly after purchase! Groupon show tickets prices...but you never know.
Groupon from $46.8155

5. Carpenters Legacy Ticket Discounts at Cheaptickets for $51.54

Cheaptickets, with it's massive reach and world-wide reputation can certain get us Carpenters Legacy ticket deals right? Right? I think so, but let's see what's on offer and see if we like the price. A Carpenters Legacy deal is on offer for $51.54 per ticket at Cheaptickets. Judge for yourself on the price and if you like it know that your Las Vegas shows ticket is instantly sent to your mobile device instanly after purchase!
Cheaptickets from $51.54

6. Carpenters Legacy Ticket Discounts at Expedia for $51.54

I love Expedia for travel but what about Las Vegas show tickets? Let's check out their Carpenters Legacy ticket deals. Tickets are currently available for $51.54 per ticket at Expedia. Good price? We think they're normally competitive but check out other options too.
Expedia from $51.54

7. Tickets at Ticketmaster

We've never really had much luck getting cheap show ticket deals at Ticketmaster. At the moment Ticketmaster prices are far higher than those at Vegas.com.

8. Carpenters Legacy AAA Deal

AAA members can generally see up to 10% discounts on Las Vegas Show tickets. Check here to see if this show qualifies: AAA

9. Carpenters Legacy Promo Codes

Sorry, we don't have any Carpenters Legacy promo codes at this time.

10. Carpenters Legacy Military Discounts

Las Vegas show tickets for military personnel (active or retired veteran) are normally available at the box office for your show of choice. However, we do recommend you call the show box office in advance to ensure ticket discounts are currently available.

Carpenters Legacy Review

Bring it back to the 1970s with the only authentic Carpenters tribute show, Carpenter's Legacy, at Alexis Park. This fantastic production recreates Carpenter's 1976 live performances, with performer Sally Olson winning bronze in the Best of Las Vegas Awards in 2021 for Best Impersonator for her portrayal of Karen Carpenter. The show features many of the musical sibling duo's biggest hits accompanied by historical commentary, video tributes, and comedy fun between each lovely arrangement. Get your tickets today!