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Conrad Hotel New York Downtown

Conrad Hotel Battery Park Review

What is a review? Well, if it's not a paid, then a review will be an honest reflection of one's person's experiences. That being said, a "reflection" of someone's experience is still subjective. Does the reviewer think Wendy's is the greatest restaurant in the world, or would they never set foot inside a Wendy's? Do they clamor to stay at Red Roof Inn, or only at a five-star hotel? Well, to clarify, I have eaten at Wendy's (albeit 30 years ago) and I have stayed at a Red Roof Inn (also 30 years ago)...but I've also stayed at a five-star hotel. Keeping all of that in perspective, here's an honest unpaid reflection of the Conrad Hotel NYC.

Conrad Hotel Rooms

My recent stay at the Conrad was in a King suite, corner room, overlooking the Hudson. Sound nice? It was! Having stayed at both the King-suite a handful of times, as well as in a standard queen-size hotel room at the Conrad, I can vouch for the cleanliness, the comfort and the spaciousness. I am not a fan of hotel rooms that overwhelm with furniture, and in this way, the Conrad does a wonderful job. I noticed on this visit, one and half years into the Covid-19 pandemic, that some of the furniture was looking a bit worn. It didn't impact my visit, and I was looking with a trained eye for faults, so others might not notice this aspect. Given the precarious position that the travel and hotel industry is in with the pandemic, I can meet all of this with compassion...but my partner, more of a hotel "expert", was not impressed.

From my recollection, the standard queen-size room is also a delight. It's not overladen with stuff, but allows for space and comfort while fitting into a "regular" size room. The furnishings land somewhere between old-school traditional hotel standards and modern/contemporary styles. I don't find them stuffy, nor inspiring, but somewhere in the middle. I do however consistently find the furniture comfortable and relaxing. I never walk away regretful or disappointed.

The Living Room

On my previous visit to the Conrad, the living room suite had a L-shaped couch and a side-chair. This time, the chair was gone, but neither my partner and I noticed that until a day into our visit. To me, the removal of the chair created more spaciousness and didn't detract in the least. The couch is divine. It's soft, the perfect size width and depth and has the right amount of cushions, two for me and two for my partner. There's space for both of us to stretch out and relax in front of the idiot box. The idiot box is the wide-screen TV of course and it has all the good stuff: HBO, FX, TBS, Fox, CNN, all that you need to scroll. And if you're multi-lingual, there's the French, Spanish and Russian channels as well!

Hall From Living Room to Bedroom

This area of the room is where the meat and potatoes are...the minibar (see below for more information), the coffee maker, a refill station for water bottles, a sink, mirror as well as counter space. The coffee maker isn't a Kreuig, but the coffee is more than adequate. As a tea drinker, the coffee maker has an option for just hot water, though it requires a bit of running through to remove the coffee taste from the hot water. I am a big fan of the water refill station for water bottles. While I think NYC tap water is fine, the refill station provides water that is specifically filtered for drinking, a big plus in my mind. In addition, it keeps track of the number of plastic bottles "saved" by using the refill station. While we we there, the station had clocked over 290 water bottles saved, hooray!

The Bedroom

The bedroom has what's needed, which is a bed and closets. Period. Of course there are nightstands that allow for ample book, phone and device space, as well as a standard-size lamp. One additional feature is a small reading lamp attached to the bed frame itself. I love this feature as one partner can read deep into the night, adjusting the lamp fixture to their own particular side, while the other partner sleeps soundly. Divine! The bed is beyond comfortable. The sheets, the pillows, the duvet, the spare blanket, it's all a win-win-win. I have zero complaints in this area. Given that it's NYC, you might expect a great deal of noise and light while sleeping, but my partner and I both experienced a complete black-out while sleeping, as well as near silence from street-level noise. The closet space seems made for people who are traveling long-term given how much space is offered. Another complaint with most hotel rooms is the inclusion of only five measly hangars...not so here, there were nearly 25. For those in need of a 2-bedroom hotel suite in NYC, Conrad Downtown is a great option.

The Mini Bar

The mini bar is not so mini! A small refrigerator chock full of everything you could think of for late-night snacking and everything in between. The standard candy fare, the regular cast of alcoholic drinks, some energy drinks as well as things that vaguely resemble healthy foods. It's standard now for mini-bars to be computerized, meaning, whatever you move or take out will register on an internal computer and your room will be charged the fee for said item. To refrigerate your own snacks, call Housekeeping and one will be sent up tout suite.

Tribeca & Battery Park Area

It's easy to think of New York featuring the glamour and stimulation of Times Square, the leftover grittiness of the East Village, the charming family feel of the Upper West Side or the labyrinth of winding streets making up the West Village. But Battery Park is exquisite and often overlooked. While it may not be a destination in and of itself, it really ought to be. Situated adjacent to the Hudson River, with miles upon miles of riverfront to walk along, you'll feel like you're on the coast of the ocean. What's more, many of the lower piers have been developed and jut right over the river now, providing a cool breeze on hot summer days and an endless array of benches and seats upon which to rest.

A special shout-out must be made to the NYC Parks and Recreation Department for their gardening prowess. An endless array of plants, flowers, wild grasses and trees line the sidewalks, the piers and the common spaces. All these pots and gardens feel extremely well maintained and cared for, like a botanical wonderland.

The tip of Manhattan has holds the passageway to Ellis and Liberty Island, where you can visit your ancestors entry into the New World, or to visit Lady Liberty herself. The Museum of the American Indian is here, as well as the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the reflecting pools. Tribeca is a veritable treasure trove of landmarked buildings, boutique shops, and public spaces. Many of the buildings here reflect the original history of New York, and the myriad restaurants range from the oldest pubs in New York to five-star restaurants that will compel you to make an additional reservation for the very next day!

Conrad Downtown Hotel Reservations

Lastly, the front desk, valet service, room service and housekeeping is top-notch at Conrad Hilton. The front desk in particular must be singled out for their endearing friendliness and camaraderie. While we are not extremely frequent visitors, there are a couple of staff members that have remembered our previous visits and made a point to reach out upon arrival. The housekeeping and turn-down service is incredibly thorough and respectful, cleaning nooks and crannies while leaving personal items alone. The valet service is efficient and careful and the bell-boys and other staff are friendly and engaging. The staff on a whole are one of the best in New York.

To summarize, the Conrad is a win. From the quality of the rooms, the affordability given the service and features, the location, and the staff, you will be sure to leave the Conrad refreshed and reinvigorated...with perhaps another reservation soon to follow! Enjoy your stay. For more details visit www.conradnewyork.com