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Disneyland Off-Site Hotel: Alpine Inn

Alpine Inn near Convention Center and the Park

Alpine Inn Hotel

I guess the first question to ask yourself when thinking about a Disneyland vacation is where do you want to stay and how much do you want to spend on your hotel? If you're at all like me the answers are straightforward: stay as close to Disneyland as possible (or the Convention Center) and to spend the least amount possible. If that too is your goal for your upcoming Disneyland trip, then let me introduce you to Alpine Inn hotel.

Alpine Inn Room Rates

Before we go further on the cost of hotel rooms at Alpine Inn, it's important to describe the type of hotel this is: this is not a luxury Disneyland hotel and it's not entirely budget either. Alpine Inn is a motor-inn style property, it's no-frills but it's clean, well taken care of and close to Disneyland. No, this hotel isn't located on Harbor Boulevard, so it's not one of the closest hotels to the park, but it's only a 15-minute walk and you'll pay a little less for accommodation.

What most guests love about this hotel is that it's close to the park, within walking distance to Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center. This means that you save on little things that add up like daily Disneyland shuttles, cost of parking (parking is free at Alpine Inn), and the like. So, in the end, this little hotel offers big value for starting at around $130 per night (as of the time of this writing, please check the latest rooms rates), it's a darn good hotel option for Disneyland.

You'll find four main room types at Alpine Inn:

  • Queen Room with 2 queen beds
  • King Room
  • Family Suite
  • Two-Bedroom Suite

Both Queen and King rooms come with accessibility versions.

Queen Room: According to the hotel you can sleep up to 7 people in this room with two queen beds. I'm baffled about how that's possible (perhaps it requires a roll-way bed or two), but I'm sure there are creative layouts that could work for those with kids in tow.

King Room: This room type is the same at the Queen Room but offers a single king bed, so it'll sleep up to 3 people only.

Family Suite: The Family Suite has three queen beds. The suite connects to two other rooms for larger families and groups who need a bit more space.

Two Room Suite: The Two Room Suite has two rooms and three queen beds. The suite connects to two other rooms for larger families and groups who need a bit more space.

Accessible Rooms: Alpine Inn is a two-floor property with accessible rooms on the first floor -- there is no elevator to the second floor.

Alpine Inn rooms are clean, nice but basic and functional. If you're used to hotels that offer nice amenities, designer lobbies and room service, this isn't your hotel. The property is a place to rest, sleep, maybe take a dip in the pool, and prepare for a day at the park, that's pretty much it and for those who'd rather spend most of their budget at Disneyland rather than at a hotel, Alpine Inn is a wonderful choice.

The swimming pool is heated year-round. It's basic but welcoming and like most other features of this hotel, its functional, serving guests needs but not going much further than that. Sadly, breakfast is non-existent. Alpine Inn used to have a free continental breakfast but stopped offering it a couple of years ago, fortunately there are a few restaurants nearby where guests can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Park Prior to Check-In

A feature we love about Alpine Inn is if you're arriving prior to check-in time of 3pm, you can still park your car at the hotel in order to get to Disneyland early. Of course, this depends upon availability of parking spaces. Parking is free for one car per room.

Anaheim Convention Center is Across the Street

Whether you're heading to the Anaheim Convention Center for Disney related reasons such as D23 Expo or Star Wars Celebration, or some other reason, you'll find Alpine Inn's location very convenient--it's across the street from the Convention Center.

In sum, Alpine Inn is convenient, basic, clean and a nice budget Disneyland hotel option. We love its walking distance location to the park, yes you can stay at a hotel that's closer, but it'll set you back a good amount more, which ties back into the budget aspect of this hotel. If you need simple, clean and close to Disney, this is one good option.