The Yard House

In the city of endless temptations, great eateries and an even greater entertainment, finding a restaurant which combines high-end dining with a family-friendly atmosphere can be quite an overwhelming task but luckily, we have the Yard House, the parents' Holy Grail, to thank for that! Boasting a drool-worthy array of culinary delicacies supplemented with drinks galore, the Yard House is located among the glamour of the brand new Linq promenade with a breathtaking view of the staggering 550-foot High Roller Ferris wheel.

Staying true to its motto of "Great food, classic rock and the world's largest selection of draft beer", the Yard House flaunts a tremendous 130 selection of scrumptious cuisines, fusing American fare with Latino, Asian and Mediterranean influences to accommodate a gamut of dietary eccentricities, from harried parents to the restless children. Surely, even the most food-evading kid would find something to delight at, without too much cajoling!

Each plate is a canvas drawn upon by the creative artistas (chefs) and the amicable lounging ambience of outside dining on the spacious patios, with a gentle breeze blowing and swooning to the chords of your favorite songs, is the cherry on top of a cake! If you don't want the kids to get bored, you can always sit indoors facing the big screen TV with your favorite shows playing and enjoy some quality family time.

The Grand Feast

From street tacos, reminiscent of the street vendors of Mexico, and good old Mac and cheese for the kids while the mum and dad feast on the elaborately crafted delicacies, there's something to be had for everyone on the menu. Start off with hummus, a sensational nibble of tender Ahi Sashimi served with wasabi, soy vinaigrette, pickle ginger and blackened with rye, Caribbean coconut shrimp, sweet potato fries, shrimp lettuce wraps with tofu, pine nuts and green onions, and a plethora of other commendable starters.

They also cater to the vegetarians with The Gardein menu, offering a chicken or beef substitute made from soy, wheat, pea proteins, vegetables and ancient grains. The children will likely skip over the impressive array of gourmet delicacies on offer, but that just leaves more caviar, crab legs and sushi for you! The Yard House has a separate menu for kids, including scrumptious munchies such as chicken strips, spaghetti and meatball, noodles, Hotdogs, sandwiches, fries and burgers so that they enjoy their meals as much as the parents!

If they can't be separated from their sliders even on vacation, the Yard House has them in 11 flavors, ranging from pepper crusted Gorgonzola burger, Surf and turf Maine Lobster burgers, turkey burgers and the drool-worthy list goes on, keeping in mind the teenage infatuation with junk. The meat is succulently tender and moist and the sweet potato fries are done to a perfectionist's delight.

If anybody feels too homesick, they would finally find respite from the fancy fare with innumerable options of pizzas, including the exotic "Thai chicken pizza" or the uber sinful four-cheese pizza, topped with fontina, ricotta, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. For pastas, shrimp, crab, lobster pasta with shiitake mushrooms & parmesan, is highly recommended.

The Keg Room Utopia

Food sure whets one's thirst to be sure and there is no scarcity of fathers sighing about the good old days when they could drink at liberty, but worry not at all red-blooded couples, for the Yard House has categories that read like a wine list, from blonde ales to extra special bitters and fruit lambics, porters, India pale ales and even Yard House Craft Beer, with each category explaining what to expect in the flavor.

Fretting over whether to drink in front of the kids? Worry no more, for the underage teens and children, the Yard House has plenty of mock-tails, juices and milkshakes to gulp down the dinner with and keep them busy enough, while allowing the parents the liberty to daintily sample to their heart's delight. If there ever was a heady beer you stumbled upon in some obscure town, odds are you'd rediscover it in the Yard House, in addition to the 130 taps of imported, craft and specialty ales & lagers.

And let's not forget about the Chalkboard Beer Series featuring a rotating selection of five draft beers and five large format bottle offerings. There is a glass-enclosed keg room, housing thousands of gallons of beer, and if that isn't Utopia, what is? So, whether you are in the mood for a pint of ale to wash down your burger or a chilled martini to slurp while you nibble on the daily seared Ahi, it's sure going to take you more than a few trips to sample all the gratifying elixirs. This is a bar and restaurant of epic proportions!