Subway near Circus-Circus

While there are many good dining options for vegetarians at Circus-Circus hotel, such as Barista Bagels and More and Blue Iguana Authentic Mexican Cuisine, just to name a couple, a visit to Subway can be a nice alternative to mostly meat laden casino food. This particular Subway is located at the front end of Slots O Fun, next to Circus-Circus, on the Las Vegas Strip making it very accessible by foot, a plus. It serves the usual sandwich and sub fare that Subway is known for but reviews caution that pricing is higher than normal Subway stores throughout the city which makes sense considering the unusually high rent of a store on the Strip, we really can't fault that.

Also at this Subway location is a Nobles Roman Pizza where you can create your own pie with an assortment of toppings and gourmet cheese. Pricing at this store is also a bit higher than you'll pay off The Strip. Just next door is a free standing McDonalds open 24 hours per day.