Johnny Rockets at Excalibur

Johnny Rockets at the Excalibur hotel is an affordable global restaurant franchise with a menu that is bound to please any child of any age. Though not as big as McDonald's--at least not yet--with more than 300 locations in 26 countries, clearly this restaurant is doing something right. Johnny Rockets is more than just a hamburger joint. It is the kind of place where burgers, fries, music, and friendly service can put a smile on the faces of everyone in the family.

The classic cheeseburger, called the Rocket ($8.95) comes with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, onion, and special sauce. It is only one of half a dozen delicious varieties of burgers on the menu. Or you can customize any of the burgers any way you like with a different cheese or additional toppings ($1.00 each).

Or, if you prefer, you can substitute a turkey patty, chicken breast, or soy burger for the beef patty. Sharable sides ($3.95-$4.95) include fries (with or without cheese or chili), sweet potato fries, onion rings, or salad.

Of course, all that tasty food needs a beverage to wash it down, and Johnny Rockets is ready to please with no less than 16 different flavors of shakes and malts--not just the usual chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but lots of variations with tempting names like chocolate madness, chocolate vanilla twist, Oreo cookies and cream, orange dreamsicle, and very cherry.

Or, if you and your kids prefer, you can share a "super Sundae" or the perfect brownie Sunday." The shakes are $7.95 apiece and the desserts are $6.95 apiece. The restaurant is open 24/7. The website doesn't show a separate menu for breakfast, however.