Excalibur Fun Dungeon

If there is any kid's activity that can top a day at the pool, it is playing the games at Fun Dungeon at the Excalibur hotel. The Fun Dungeon is conveniently located on the lower level and open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Once your kids discover this place, they won't mind at all the fact that they can't play the grownup games in the casino because there are over 150 family appropriate games to keep them happily entertained in the fantastic Fun Dungeon!

Your little ones, and older kids, too, may have a hard time deciding what to play with such a wide choice, which includes 83 Redemption games, 18 Prize Redemption games, 65 Arcade games, 16 Carnival Midway games, and 10 Sports games. Of course, with all that activity and excitement, your kids are bound to get thirsty or be in the mood for a snack. Not a problem. Dairy Queen and Orange Julius are right there in the arcade. An added plus is that Fun Dungeon is a lot cheaper than the AdventureDome and a lot less crowded. In short, Fun Dungeon is not only a fun stop for the youngsters in your family, but for the kid in you, too.