Date Ideas in Las Vegas for You and Your Valentine

January 11, 2016: Everyone knows Las Vegas is the city of sin, but that doesn't mean there's nowhere romantic to take that special someone on Valentine's Day! Whether it's your first date or your thousandth, there is a place in the area for every couple to celebrate their love connection.

1. The Fountains at the Bellagio

The Fountains at the Bellagio  

The Bellagio's famous fountains are a favorite of Las Vegas tourists, in part because it's free to watch the mesmerizing water show. The fountains shoot up to 460 feet in the air and create a spectacle of water images with colorful lights intertwined. Varying musical accompaniment pulls this amazing display together by choreographing the movement to classical, Broadway, and pop music. Find a spot in front of the 1,000 foot wide feature and snuggle in close with your valentine as you take in the dynamic performance of water, light, and sound.

If you want to take this experience one step further, make a reservation for Valentine's dinner at one of the Bellagio's fine dining restaurants that provides an open view of the water show out front. Enjoy delicious food and drink as the fountains provide the perfect, peaceful backdrop to fall even deeper in love.

2. The High Roller at the LINQ

Stroll on down to the LINQ's outdoor shopping and dining promenade and take a ride on Las Vegas's giant ferris wheel. The High Roller measures 520 feet in diameter, making it larger than the comparable London Eye, and allows visitors to take in all of the strip from up above. Purchase a ticket for $26.95 during the day, or $36.95 at night. You can even book an entire cabin package with a designated bartender on board for special events, including wedding ceremonies!

The High Roller at the LINQ  

There's simply no better way to see the entire strip in person. Grab a drink at the High Roller's Wheelhouse and enjoy the exhilarating thrill of being 550 feet in the air that will only bring you and your valentine closer than ever.

3. Gondola Rides at the Venetian

Gondola Rides at the Venetian  

Instantly transport your significant other to Italy with a romantic gondola ride around the Venice of Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. Tickets for a place in the four person boat start at $21 per person, but a private ship can be reserved for $84 a couple.

Riders get to choose an indoor or outdoor gondola route, but either way you will be serenaded with authentic Italian songs by your personal gondolier. Couples are also encouraged to kiss as they pass under the many tunnels on the waterways as it is thought to bring good luck. The indoor course takes you through the Grand Canal Shoppes where you can admire the blue sky paintings and Italian architecture throughout the building, while the outdoor route passes along a lagoon in front of the hotel, providing a one of a kind view of the strip.

Gentlemen who are feeling extra romantic will find this gondola experience is a beautiful environment to pop the question, and when better to propose than on Valentine's Day?

4. The Eiffel Tower Experience

The Eiffel Tower Experience  

If you want a Parisian adventure on your Vegas Valentine's trip, check out the Eiffel Tower Experience. Go up to the top of the tower with daytime tickets for $14 per adult and night tickets at $19. The tower is a focal point of the entire city's skyline, and you can feel the magic straight from the heart of it all.

When you reach the top after an exciting glass elevator ride, you'll get an amazing view of the city on a 360 degree deck, 46 stories up in a French atmosphere. Las Vegas's Eiffel Tower is a half size replica of the real deal in Paris, but it provides an unrivaled scene you can't find anywhere else. Make a night of it by having dinner with your significant other at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (dinner specials may be available, they are at these restaurants) on the 11th floor to really amp up the romance factor.

5. Gondola Adventures on Lake Las Vegas

Gondola Adventures on Lake Las Vegas  

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the strip for a romantic gondola ride on expansive Lake Las Vegas. You and your sweetie will adore a private gondola to take in the mountainous scenery and enjoy each other's company with your choice of refreshments package, starting at $140 per couple. Choose to just relax on the water on the hour long cruise or add a little more to the experience with drinks, appetizers, or a gourmet dinner. Additional guests are also an option for a more exciting Valentine's celebration. The lake is a great opportunity to set up a romantic experience for date nights, proposals, or even weddings.

6. Get Married!

Get Married!  

Opt out of the expensive, stressful traditional wedding ceremony by hopping a flight to Vegas to show your fiancé how serious you are about starting your life together. The venue possibilities in the city are endless, as Vegas is known for their plethora of wedding chapels, so you can choose exactly the environment you want to say your vows. Just pick your favorite Las Vegas landmark, whether it is one listed above or any other prominent spot in the area, and the nuptials can be set up in no time. Once the ceremony is over, there no better place to celebrate the marriage than to party on the strip. Make this Valentine's Day one you and your true love will remember for the rest of your lives by making it official in Vegas.