Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour

The Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour is one of the best ways to experience the wonder of Red Rock Canyon. 360-degree views surround you and your family while a professional tour guide leads the 13-mile scenic ride. Just entering the park will overwhelm the senses.

Nevada's very first conservation area, Red Rock Canyon features miles upon miles of breathtaking scenery. You will be in constant awe as you pedal past thousand-year-old mountains, painted rock formations, waterfalls, and wild animals, all under Nevada's clear blue skies. While Las Vegas is known for it's neon-colored glitz and glamour, make time on your family vacation to experience breathtaking natural wonders as well. The canyon is located only 17-miles west of the Las Vegas strip, but it will feel like you have entered a completely different world.

If you have never spent 13 minutes on a bike, much less 13 miles, this tour could seem a little daunting. However, the beauty of the Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour is that electric bikes make pedaling completely optional. They provide an easy ride without having to exert nearly any effort, so you can enjoy the canyon safely and comfortably. If you don't want to look lazy, you're in luck - the pedal assist feature makes it seem like you are working hard, even if you are hardly working.

How It Works

  1. Tours begin at 8:30am daily
  2. Reservations are required. Tours can be booked conveniently online
  3. Tours last approximately 3 hours and allow plenty of time for sightseeing and hiking
  4. There is an 8-people maximum on daily tours. Inquire for private tour information

The cost for the Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour is $89 per person. This cost includes park fees, bike rental with guided tour, safety equipment, and bottled water. Roundtrip shuttles are available at no cost from various locations on the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

To rent an electric bicycle, you must be a minimum of 14-years old with a parent or guardian present, making this tour most appropriate for families with older children. While there is no height requirement, riders under 5' 3" should be comfortable with starting and stopping a bicycle, and be able to ride with no motor assistance as a precaution. Helmets are provided and required for all riders.

Tour Itinerary

Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour will pick you from plenty of major Las Vegas hotels, meaning that getting your family to the canyon is a breeze. Once there, your guide will assign you to an electric bicycle and make sure you are comfortable. Anyone who can ride a bike will be able to manage an electric bicycle, and the battery assist makes this a ?no sweat" affair.

The tour begins with a stop at the park's LEED gold certified Visitors Center, which will educate you and your family about the history and highlights of the canyon. From there, the 13-mile tour continues, and includes stops for hiking and sightseeing at various picturesque locations including a sandstone quarry from the 1900s and Native American landmarks. While the tour takes approximately 3 hours, previous visitors have timed the tour at closer to 4 hours with stops. Public restrooms are available in the park, so don't be afraid to ask your tour guide if you need to make an extra pit stop along the way.

During your ride, you will interact with other guests and take in the wonders of the canyon. While electric bicycles mean no pedaling is required, often people find not pedaling to be unnatural. The motor means you won't have to exert any extra energy, however we have a feeling that you will want to get some exercise while behind the handlebars. This fun and educational tour is also a great way to get your family fresh air and exercise.

If you don't want the tour to end, all of the bikes are available for purchase. $2,500 a piece will let your family take the fun home with you.

Important Details

The tour includes great touches, such as free water and snacks for all riders. However, if you feel the need to bring your own refreshments, a small bag for personal belongings accompanies each bicycle. The company requires closed toed shoes for safety reasons, as well as recommends sunglasses, sun block, and other sun protection as needed.

Be sure to dress in layers and take the weather into consideration when getting dressed for the tour. Also, bringing a camera is recommended to capture the fun memories you will surely make throughout the tour.

Contact Information

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