Battlefield Vegas

Battlefield Vegas

If your child has been transfixed with guns since they were little, this is where they can explore their curiousity safely! With over 400 full auto machine guns, and well trained professionals on staff, your child (or husband!) will receive both an education and fantastic experience.

Free Hummer Pick-ups

From the get-go, this shooting range is unique. You'll be picked up in a military Hummer from your hotel and driven to the museum with a guide who's quick to point out the various sights along the way. The staff, whom are either former or current military personnel, take great care to make sure everyone remains safe by offering eye and double ear protection. In addition, one set of double doors to the shooting range is always shut to prevent any ricochet bullets from getting out.

Guns Galore

Along with current model guns, there are many old school war-era guns to choose from. Whether you're interested in full, semi automatic, rifles, hand guns, Tommy Guns, or AK 47 machine guns. They also have guns from different battles and countries. The guns are authentic and kept in terrific condition.

Step into This

Beyond the guns, there are also jeeps, tanks, trucks, helicopters and humvees which you can explore and climb into. Your kids will have a blast (pardon the pun) getting into a helicopters and exploring the old-time military vehicles.

Artillery for Sale

The gift shop is also stocked full of memorabilia and unique gifts from bullet necklaces to hollowed out grenades, t-shirts and key chains.

Battlefield Vegas Cost

While this option may be a bit on the expensive side, there is often a groupon available. In addition, there's an Early-Bird Special for families who are able to start 9:30 a.m. If you've money to burn, then shell out $2,500 and crush a car with a tank!