In Search of the Obelisk

In Search of the Obelisk. All aboard for adventure…and don’t let the menacing Dr. Osiris get too close. During your experience, you’ll visit the archeological “digs” in search of the Pharaohs in this true-to-life motion simulator journey, complete with John Trumbull’s amazing wrap-around Showscan adventure. This attraction takes you on an amazing voyage as you board an elevator that descends many levels below the pyramid…but wait. Something’s gone wrong! So how do you find your way to return to the earth’s surface? As the most seasoned motion simulator experts will tell you, “In Search of the Obelisk” makes it difficult to determine the real from the unreal as the battle over the sought-after obelisk continues. A hair-raising high-speed chase through excavation’s mysterious caverns involves true-to-life twists as thrills and chills ensue while this action-packed adventure continues. Each member of the audience becomes involved in this amazing chase as television monitors explain the procedures and everything that’s going on throughout the dig site. Thrill seekers? This one’s for you…It’s simply a one-of-a-kind adventure you won’t want to miss!