Free Christmas Toys for Needy Families in Las Vegas

Christmas time: commercialized as a feverish hunt for foiled wrapping paper, gigantic bows, and the perfect gift.

Traditionally an occasion for togetherness and good cheer, the modern Christmas is often synonymous to spending extortionate amounts of cash for presents, and the subsequent anxiety that follows. But what happens when funds are low as the holidays roll around? In these times of a less than par economy, many families and individuals feel the pressure of providing presents on a minimal, sometimes insubstantial, budget. Have no fear – there are plenty of sources one can turn to in the Las Vegas area for assistance.

The Salvation Army and Goodwill donation centers offer a variety of affordable items in-store. These organizations frequently run ‘discount days’ and distribute coupons for even further discounting. Iconic Salvation Army volunteers collect donations throughout the holiday season especially for the needy, with all proceeds funneled directly to poverty-stricken families and individuals. For more information, visit

Throughout the year, and most notably at Christmas time, local churches reach out to folks in the way of organizing a Christmas dinner, clothing and food donations, as well as ‘Secret Santa surprises’ – where the anonymous gift families/individuals. Inquire with churches in your area about events they might be putting on for Christmas. View Las Vegas’ online church directory by visiting

Charitable organizations such as Three Square Food Bank and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission collect food, toys, and monetary donations for the needy. Three Square Food Bank works to “fight holiday hunger”, with every $1 donation providing 6 wholesome meals. Thousands of members of the community have benefited from their services, and their stories don Las Vegas Rescue Mission’s toy giveaway commences one week before Christmas, distributing over 4,000 toys to local children each year. For details visit

For low-income families, Christmas need not be a reminder of all that they lack. Reach out to the Las Vegas community and feel the effects of citizens’ generous offerings this holiday season.